(304) Men Who Don’t Address Their Misogyny
Classical Sass

Oh my dear Sass, i just love it when someone is able to verbalise the small almost imperceptable nuances that we usually go around accepting even though inside we’re seething. I read this gorgeous article from a gal called Angela Barnett called “Nice is for Icecreams. Not People” on the Coffeelicious and if I was more savvy with the controls on this site, I’d link you to it, sorry, but there was this DREADFUL response from a chap calling himself hephaestus (yes, no large H) who said that the writer should be ok with a homeless man flashing himself at her on public transport. He is one of the oxygen thieves as described above. I was outraged at his comment and then wrote a clever reply to Angela, only it was on his comment page and then I got all discombobulated and tried to take it off his comment and put it on responses to her story and it all got lost. So I’m throwing it out to you. Can you find this bastard, hunt him down and spray the gun of disbelief and ‘not putting up with your bullshit on here ‘mr lowercase h’ who thinks he’s so darn clever? His profile has him self desribed as ‘starts fires and gets paid for it’ or some other crappy headline. Oh sick sick sick sociopath. I guess my revile and anger stems from the fact that I am dealing with one of these individuals in real life in my job. And he’s done the wrong thing, and I’ve got the evidence to support my claim, but he’s like “I’m feeling harrassed by you” seriously. That’s the way these cretins work. They try to turn it around and cry ‘wolf!’ and pretend to be hurt and take the emphasis off what they’ve done and sit there arguing over what you did. So I cut him off. Just didn’t entertain it. For one second. Hung up. Oh and now the poor prick feels harrassed. Shall we send him a tissue? Go get the gun Sass.

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