How to be yourself
Alex Mathers

You’ve hit the nail on the head about ‘forgetting yourself’. I avoid mirrors when I’m out. If I see myself, I instantly become self-conscious and my inner demons shriek out at me “Who could like you??!!!” “Shut up!!! You’re full of Shit!!!” and many other less pleasant things. I have often thought that those who live in more traditional cultures where there is less emphasis on the individual and more on the collective seem happier. Or maybe it is the lack of mirrors and the pressing urge to look perfectly coiffed, their lack of materialism that fools us in the west into thinking we would be more lovable if we have a new outfit, make up hair style etc. They have none of these and rely on the collective group to show up for surival. Just a thought.

So yeah, forgetting yourself and just being who you are at your essence is the key.


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