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2016 has been the perfect political storm for candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Two sides of the same coin, these two candidates have brought back electricity to American politics that has been missing since the election of Barack Obama in 2008. 2008 was a huge year for American politics because it represented a political crossroads…a decision to either support the status quo with a stodgy and senior John McCain or embracing change with the charismatic and relatively unknown young Senator from Chicago, Barack Obama. After a grueling and seemingly endless eight years of constant battling between the two establishment parties, America has once again been asked the question of which direction it wants to go in 2016 — and every establishment Republican and Hillary Clinton are wondering why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are cleaning their clocks in what should have been a typical presidential election year.

Donald Trump’s candidacy is easy to understand — he is Obama’s political opposite. He is an anomaly that inadvertently is bringing the political equation back into balance. The reality that most establishment Republicans are afraid to face is Donald Trump’s presidential bid is solely their fault. Yes, Donald Trump outwardly chastises the actions of Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats, but if the establishment Republicans had simply done their job the last eight years Trump would not be on the ballot. The establishment not only suffered major defeats on health care and immigration policy, they made empty threats for eight years not following through on any of them. It was a disgraceful eight years for both sides of the aisle, but make no mistake the Republican Party is the reason for Trump.

On the other end of the political spectrum is Bernie Sanders. Of all the candidates running, he may be the most honest — despite whatever socialist visions he has in store for us. Realistically, it would take someone as crazy as Bernie Sanders to even entertain the idea of running against a Clinton considering how she cornered the market initially to keep other candidates from running. In the case of Bernie Sanders’ candidacy this has more to do with Clinton than him.

Alex is a CPA earning his Accounting degree at Youngstown State University and his Masters in Accountancy at The Ohio State University. He has managed several political campaigns in addition to his work in the Republican Party.

Had Hillary Clinton been at full strength this would not have been a contest, but she is a candidate with a lot of flaws and a lot of baggage. In attempting to corner the market for a 2016 run, she made the show about her — and when that show has a lineup of deceit relating to Benghazi, a looming criminal investigation over Email- Gate, and questions about why she stayed with her cheating husband, there is nowhere to go but down. Bernie Sanders, who was crazy enough to jump in the race, is the next best alternative. Unfortunately for Hillary, Bernie is honest and likeable — two significant character traits she has struggled with her entire career. Add the fact that he is politically to the left of Obama and the real heir apparent to the Obama White House, it is truly a wonder that Bernie Sanders is not further ahead in the polls than he is.

As a result of incompetence and poor political strategy for eight years, establishment Republicans and Democrats are left scrambling to make a race out of 2016 and to draw votes away from what has become a battle of two political rock stars. While it is still early in the race, the Republican establishment needs to quickly coalesce around one singular candidate if they want a shot at taking out Trump.

The Democratic establishment is in a far more precarious situation. Notwithstanding a Clinton or Sanders victory, the eventual candidate will either be too damaged or too extreme to win a General Election. Their only shot is to put in a new candidate. Time may be running out for both establishments to find the right candidate, but they would be wise to remember that had they been better representatives of the people since 2009 this all could have been prevented.

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