This week I asked friends to share memories or stories that they thought might make interesting illustrations. It was a vague request, but once someone supplied the first suggestion, others made a similar connection. And so, a theme of birds emerged.

It’s an interesting pattern of human connection and collaboration. Maybe if I had asked for birds to begin with, then there would have been more responses. Maybe if I asked for something more specific, it would have triggered the very stories I was hoping to hear.

In any case, I’m still amazed and grateful that people participate and are supportive. For me, sometimes the hardest part is simply coming up with a subject, an idea. It’s a worthwhile (and fun) challenge to create an atmosphere, characters, and expression from only 1 to 3 sentences.

Here are those stories:

Being shot at from above by 1 bird while I was in my car… The bird pooped on my windshield…The bird poop literally sounded like “Pop. Pop.” Like 2 bullets hit my windshield.

Also bird related. I was about to eat a fry at Shake Shack in NYC. A bird swooped in and stole the fry. I felt one wing touch my hand and the other wing touch my face. Brave bird.

Also bird related: me as a bird (and Laura as a wolf).

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