If you’re stuck in your writing…
Scott Myers


if used strategically.

there’s just something about writing a post for The Meijer Chronicles that gets my creative juices flowing and pinpoints the origin of that fountain of creative juice. it taps my voice, my style, my narrative — you get the idea — that can get muffled in the screenwriting world of structure, character journey, the 3 Cs, and *gasp* theme. for me, muffling = stuckness.

but for a blog to helpful, it needs to be more than a diary of random thoughts, it needs to challenge your storytelling muscles.

in screenwriting, I write romantic comedies.

in my blog, I write about human nature while grocery shopping.

incongruous? not at all.

my blog gets me around people (some refer to them as characters) and forces me to be observant. observation is another crucial muscle for a writer. while I grocery shop I’m very aware of my surroundings (setting), the conversations (dialogue) and subtle — or often overt — nuances/mannerisms of my fellow shoppers (story world).

trust me, watching someone fall in madly in love in front of the new display of Belgian chocolate, or watching hardcore goth chic’s genuine smile as she grabs a can of pureed pumpkin for Thanksgiving pie, directly translates into my romantic comedies and unsticks those stuck days.

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