Black Exhaustion

The World does not view you as small or inconsequencial or worth less than property. SOME people do. OK, a lot of “somes.” But still, not The World.
Many many many many many many more people believe you have value, same as everyone else.

All Lives Matter.
This is a sticky topic for a white woman to write about — not nearly enough street cred to not be “misguided.” But I know in my heart that All Lives Matter. And that every single person I consider a good friend feels the same way.

When a cop shoots unarmed people, it hurts everyone. It makes our world more divided, scarier, less solid.

When a rioter — however justified in his righteous anger, however long he may have kept quiet when people who are the same color as him were treated like shit — harms someone who did not harm him or torches a business that will put “innocent” people out of work — it makes our world divided, scarier, less solid.

How do we get to a place where we can all fight it together???

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