Identifying the Right Market Segment (s)

Finding the right clients for your business is key to its success. Focusing on those who are most interested in your product or service allows you to use your resources strategically while fulfilling your patients’ specific needs. Identifying the correct target market will help your medical practice develop effective marketing communication strategies. A target market is a set of individuals who share similar needs or characteristics.

Defining Your Target Audience

1. Identify problems and needs

Figure out what products and services are most popular with your patients. What problems and needs can be solved by your medical practice?

2. Profile your current customers

Look at your current customers. What do they have in common? Analyzing the profile of your regular patients provide insight into what types of clients you should target.

3. Observe your competition

Look at what your competitors are doing. What services do they offer? How does their website look? How are they managing social media?

Useful Tips

1. Craft specific messages

2. Focus on potential

Identifying a target market allows marketers to focus on those most likely to purchase the product. Limiting the population funnels research and budgets to the customers with the highest profit potential.