The Importance of Establishing An Emotional Connection with Your Patients

Research across hundreds of brands and in dozens of categories demonstrate that the best way to maximize customer value is to go above customer satisfaction and connect with them emotionally. This means that you try to appeal to people’s emotional motivators such as the need to belong, to succeed in life or to stand out from the crowd.

Value of Emotional Connections

Patients that are emotionally invested with your medical practice are more likely to buy more products and services, visit you more often, show less price sensitivity, and recommend you to friends and family.

Establishing a Connection

With so many practices to choose from, it is important to distinguish yourself and create customer loyalty. This can be achieved by showing patients that they matter to you and listening to what they have to say.

Qualities of a Successful Emotional Connection

1. It’s a feeling not a feature

Know the difference between a feeling and a feature. A feeling is something that is experienced while a feature is an aspect of a product or service. Distinguishing the two will help you create a personal experience for your clients each time they visit your office.

2. It’s Something Focused

Similar to how your product or service is meant to appeal to a specific market segment, a particular emotional selling point should only be geared towards a certain group. Take breast augmentation for instance, some women choose to undergo this procedure for medical reasons while others do it for aesthetic purposes.

3. Appeals to a specific Demographic

You don’t need to market to everyone. Just the people that make up your core clientele.