Introducing Trackbuster: about time to keep your inbox private

One of the biggest challenges of our times is privacy. We — as individuals — decided to trade privacy for security a long time ago in fear of the next tragedy. This abandonment of one of our most valuable rights has turned into a huge business opportunity for marketers and business owners, a sure way to know more about you, us, consumers or potential consumers.

Recently those tools became freely available enabling anyone to track anyone like their bosses, employees, colleagues, friends, partners, competitors, lovers in total impunity.

We knew it was time to do something about it to stop this blatant breach in our daily lives.

Trackbuster was born with a vision to make our emails secure and private.

With a team of extraordinary developers, email experts, designers and innovators we have put together a simple yet highly sophisticated service to identify and remove tracking codes from emails.

Everything in the development process was thought from a user perspective. If it wasn’t friendly enough we would go back to the white board and brainstorm until our OCD was satisfied. After several months of detail oriented exchanges, we are proud to unveil Trackbuster.

A unique process analyzing incoming emails for invisible trackers, anchored links, tokens, and other pieces of code maliciously embedded in an email. Trackbuster then flags the culprit, removes unwanted code, adds a label to inform the email is finally safe to read. Email can be forwarded freely. Trackers are gone.

From a user experience nothing changes. Emails are still fully displayed with images. Format remains unchanged and it works from any device using any email client. Trackbuster works in the background. You are finally in total control.

Removing trackers and keeping your inbox safe is the first step of our mission. Our goal is to provide more transparency and ethics in the way we communicate.

With you we will make it happen.

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