USMNT Tracker — Overview, Features & Functionality

USMNT Tracker
4 min readAug 5, 2022


USMNT Tracker is a site dedicated to helping fans of the United States Men’s National Team follow USMNT-eligible players at their clubs. Leading up to the World Cup, it is an essential site to use to keep track of what the players are up to.

The site launched in January 2022 and there have consistently been new features added since then. This post breaks down all of the site’s features and functionality.

Today’s Matches

When you navigate to the site, you will see all of the matches for that day, sorted by time. As kickoff approaches and lineups are released, starting lineup information will be automatically displayed:

Pre-Match Example

Throughout the day, every match is updated with real-time data:

Player Ratings and Detailed Statistics

For most leagues, player ratings and detailed statistics are included.

Player Rating

The player rating is displayed in the main view, and you can also click the player rating circle for detailed information about a player’s performance:

Detailed Player Statistics

Upcoming Match Schedules

You can navigate to past days to view results or future days to see upcoming schedules.

Future Day Example

Different Views — International, Domestic, All

There are a few different options you can use to choose which players you would like to see.

Views Options
  • Abroad — Select this and you will only be shown USMNT players abroad
  • Domestic — If you’d like to view domestic players separately, you can do that
  • All — Here you’ll see every player that is being tracked in our system

Custom Saved Players

There is also functionality that allows you to select which players you would like to follow. If you navigate to the Players page, you are able to customize your own set of players.

Custom Players

Once you’ve chosen your players, click save changes and your selection will be saved. Then, when you navigate to the “My Saved Players” view, only your custom selection of players will be displayed. Note the difference here:

All Players vs Saved Players

You can, of course, return to the players page and edit your selection any time.

Player Highlights

While everything else is automated on the site, highlights are added manually. I try to add these myself, but they are also crowd sourced.

If a player has a goal or an assist, you can click the icon and send us a link to the highlight. I will be notified and the link will go into an approval queue. Once it’s approved, a link to the highlight will be included. Click the highlight icon and a new tab will open up bringing you to the highlight.

Highlight Flow

Player Suggestions

I do my best to keep the player database as up-to-date as possible, but I’m not perfect. Many of our users submit suggestions that allow us to stay on top of things.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please reach out on Twitter @USMNT_Tracker and please share the site with anyone who would find it useful.