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Daneel (TrackICO rating — 4.6)
Pre-Sale: December 4–8, 2017.
Daneel is an intelligent personal assistant based on “Watson”, the most powerful Artificial Intelligence in the fields of Natural Language and Data and Emotional Analysis. Daneel searches, browses, collects and analyses different sources of information available from various online channels in order to only offer information that has a high level of reliability.
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Algory (TrackICO rating — 4.6)
Pre-Sale: December 7–8, 2017; Crowdsale: December 8, 2017 — January 8, 2017.
Algory Project is a set of powerful and multifunctional tools focused on the cryptocurrency market and designed with trading efficiency in mind. If you trade cryptocurrencies, you absolutely need Algory. It is the most actionable and multifunctional tool ever built for individual crypto-traders all over the world. Founded by traders for traders, it gives you an amazing edge when trading cryptocurrencies. Algory Project includes 13 tools, here are some of them: Powerful Cryptoscanner, Cryptonews, Blockchain Analyzer, Backtest your filters and alerts, ICO analyzer, Cryptoviewer.

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Spectiv (TrackICO rating — 4.8)
Pre-Sale: December 8–21, 2017; Crowdsale: December 21–28, 2017.
The biggest difference between Spectiv and other VR streaming platforms is the user-driven content. Spectiv is a decentralized, user integrated exchange of virtual reality experiences. In other words, Spectiv is not just a portal for viewers to watch popular VR events — it is an environment where users from across the world can share their real life experiences with others. This could mean a viewer living in the United States could put on a VR headset and see through the lens of a streamer in Italy or Japan, from the comfort of their home.

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