Technologies Used For Locating Moving Vehicles

Vehicle theft is quite a common crime in many parts of the world, but at the same time there are several technologies which can be used for keeping vehicle robbers. Want to know what they are? Read the article given below to find out for yourself.

Theft of vehicles is quite common in many countries of the world, especially Australia, USA, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden and UK. At times, even GPS based location systems are anticipated by robbers without much hassle. Losing a car or van via theft can be draining financially as well as emotionally. Fortunately enough, there are several technologies besides GPS that can be used for securing vehicles against robbery and stymieing criminals even before they can create any problem.

Let’s have a look at some effective technologies that are being adopted gradually by large number of people for locating their vehicles and preventing vehicle theft:

Radio Receiver

The simplest and most common of the lot, this technology of radio receiver became very popular during 1950s and 1960s and is being used by many even today. In order to set up the system, first a radio transmitter is attached to the vehicle and then configured to send signals to a receiver as soon as somebody tries to drive away with the ride. Although the system cannot pinpoint the exact location, it certainly provides the direction a car is headed to. It requires a power source in order to work, such as a direct wiring or a separate battery.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID location tracking systems can be described as highly advanced versions of their radio receiver counterparts. A typical RFID solution consists of transponder microchips and an interrogator (also called ‘scanner’ or ‘reader’). The microchips can be attached on items and then tracked with the help of the reader. Using the same technique, it is also possible to detect the location of vehicles. All one needs to do equip a vehicle with transponders and program relevant information into them. Apart from fleet tracking, there are several other uses of the RFID technology.

Cellular Signals

Another effective and simple way of tracking vehicles is by making use of a prepaid mobile phone. If there is a phone concealed within a stolen car, for example, it can be called up by the owner for broadcasting the car’s location. The signal generated can then be triangulated with a commercial software between 2 mobile phone towers for tracking the car.

Although instances where the above mentioned technologies have been incorporated as the sole defense mechanism are not uncommon, many vehicle owners are combining them with GPS in order to up the security a notch and ensure added protection.

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