A beautiful sunset with two millennial women enjoying a coconut drink on their surfboard. They are obsesh’d.

Why Millennials aren’t Lazy

As more and more people flock to the most “instagrammable” spots around the world, millennials are taking a different approach to life. Not content with simply living among the masses, there is an electric desire from this generation to really ‘live life’.

I see the reports — and it would be easy to blame it all on them….phrases like “they are the me generation” — “they lack loyalty” — “they are lazy” — “ they don’t do what their told at work”.

Working with and along side them daily in our dtc millennial and gen Z community platform, Obsesh, they are complex, but lazy doesn’t come to mind. In fact, they are thriving. Their path may be the road less traveled, but isn’t that what the twenties are about? Mine were.

A group of Obsesh creators cleaning up and leaving no trace after picking up trash out of the waterfalls in our park riverbed

You only have this one life to live. #YOLO and leave no trace.

The new spiritual journey

Flash back in time just a handful of decades. A quick poll would reveal that typical life goals would be to have a house, car, and a steady job with an income that provides for a comfy retirement. Those days are quickly disappearing and the vision of the “American dream” along with it.

Every year millennials grow older, a new hallmark of accomplishment becomes more and more prevalent. Soaking in new experiences, new adventures, and new cultures is what this generation is all about. The new lifestyle of today’s young adults is as vibrant as the people who populate it and it’s pretty amazing to see the passion and discoveries that are taking place.

Life is fast paced, energetic, connected, and ever-changing. Yet, driving their journey are a few core values.

A group of friends who love to adventure together outdoors enjoying a waterfall experience.

Adventures anytime, just in time.

The fast-paced lifestyle, combined with the advantages of technology, have paved the way for feeding passions and uncharted discoveries. With tech savvy skills and a plethora of technology at their fingertips, the world suddenly becomes smaller and the unbridled desire for adventure only grows.

They grew up reading the Harry Potter series, and now have access to multiple parks where they can experience the magical world for themselves. Simple GPS navigation, a last minute plane ticket, or a camel across the desert. This is the quintessential way of life — to live out adventures, not just read about or watch them.

Quick. Capture it, document it, and instantly share a digital life scrapbook via social media anywhere, anytime and everyone can feel like they were there with you.

Communities create experiences.

Cities are back in style and millennials are taking back urban spaces in droves. No better place to see this in action than my backyard, San Fran bay. Shared living is on the rise and peer-to-peer everything from clothes to cars to cooking spaces. They invite community to share and do life together. The memories they are making are better than the holiday office ham we all got at the corporate campus (we’ve all gotten the holiday ham in one way or another :-))

They are dumping the big objects, don’t care about the “ham”, and instead they are investing in experiences that bring people together. Ultimately, sharing experiences and memories with each other mean more than any one achievement.

Experiences make good stories.

A weekend adventuring is worth a hundred Saturdays on the couch. Not to say that the latest Netflix shows and movies aren’t worth a night of binging over Dead to Me, but millennials want more than just what’s on the screen.

They want to learn and experience life firsthand. Don’t tell them how life is or should be. Give them a challenge to discover what they don’t know or what they haven’t yet experienced. They are inquirers, explorers, creators, entrepreneurs, and opportunists at heart.

Laziness? not so fast…

Most millennials seem to be living their own bucket list with a sense of curiosity, commitment, and courage….and shaping their values and identity as global citizens. Good citizens who are shaping their own journey for a fast paced life ahead.

Forget the myths, generation YOLO might just be doing their twenties right after all.

Do you agree? or disagree??



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