What makes you tick?


Today, I can say I believe in my talents and skills. It took a very long time, lots of therapy, and determination. Lets just say my life from zero to now my life would have made a great film. I am just one of those people that has lived a colorful life. From zero to about seventeen, I really had no control over who came into my life and who did not. Yes, you guessed it…I had a very challenging childhood.

Fortunately, something inside of me said, “I want more.” It was 2008, I was let go of a job that was fair. I was so lost. I had a series of jobs that all gave me great experiences. Yet, I could not tell you what I wanted to do next. My next gig was at a night club. Yes, a night club running the coat check. Let me tell you…I worked with the greatest team of people and saw mad things. I was able to work three days a week and cover my bills. It was also at this time, I was able to find an amazing team of doctors to finally deal with my problem.

Not really a problem, more like an illness. The illness was never really defined because why label it and have it define me. Better I walk around crazy, angry, and different. Like anyone, you can look to my childhood and understand why I am the way I am. Honestly, the doctors did not think I would make it to see twenty. Well, they were wrong.

As I mentioned, I an very lucky to work with a team of doctors who assist in my battle with being bi polar. It is not easy. It has become easier, since it has become more accepted in the mainstream with celebrity support. Everyone has some sort of battle and you simply have to acknowledge yours.

Now, I focus on the future. Everyday I am building my self-confidence and esteem. Some days are better than other. Sometimes I really wish my business took off and I can leave my part-time gig for good. I will tell you, there is nothing better than having a clear head, seeing the world, laughing, having a goal, and knowing one day you will be able to achieve it.