Your College Degree is Worthless
Isaac Morehouse

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and can take any path they want to sell a product, but I find this problematic by the number of times you use the word “factual.”There is no science or evidence to back this up! Someone with a college degree will make, on average, over 30% more than a high school graduate over their lifetime. Studies have also show that GPA also impacts earnings, with each point translating to a premium on salary. If you do not come from a privileged background, all of this is even more important.

We saw this play out in the election in the US where high school graduates overwhelmingly voted for Trump and opinion polls showed it was because they felt left behind economically. Take this article on the poorest county in America. Only 4.9% have a college degree and only 65% have a high school degree. Do you think this a coincidence that they low levels of education?

I have been self-employed for 7 years and I worked in recruitment for 15 years. Repeatedly, I saw the tech person who left school to take a job at a start-up with an amazing salary in the present… And then were later unable to get a job elsewhere because they didn’t have a college degree, no matter what their skill set was. When you are trying to get to the next stage in your life and buy a house and raise a family, that sucks to be limited in your opportunities.

It is fair to say college needs to change, but to make statements that fly in the face of facts and stats,… well, I would think about that in the post-truth world we currently live in.

Best of luck on your product.

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