Deciding to Be Childfree Means Constantly Questioning My Purpose
Shawndra Russell

Really interesting read. I have never equated motherhood with purpose, but I didn’t even become open to the idea of being a mother until I turned 36. Motherhood is a part of me, but it is a complimentary part of me and one of the many hats and roles I have in the world. I think this idea of motherhood being a purpose is a millennial concept and to be honest, it makes me sad as women have so much to offer to the world.

(There is a great book called Push by Amy Tuteur that outlines how certain movements in the late 80s/90s have created this idea of motherhood we struggle with now and its very patriarchal roots. I highly recommend it).

I think we all go through stages of figuring out our future. My son is something that I have to focus on that someone who is childfree doesn’t have an anchor, so I can appreciate that brings different challenges.