Things I Wish I Knew in High School

High school is an important stage of your life. It is a time when you are going to explore your own potential, to make life-long friends, to learn life lessons, to gain knowledge but most importantly, to create wonderful memories. No matter how good or bad those days are, they are just going to be one of those “haha” events that you will laugh away after graduating.

To be honest, most of my days in high school are not filled with happiness. If I could go back in time, I wish I knew these things in high school. So for people who are going to start their high school life or having their high school life, these are the advice I would give to you:

  • Studying Should Always Be Your First Priority

I know that there are many attractions in high school: clubs, gossips, relationships, team practices, hang out with friends, etc. However, school is a place for you to prepare your future and to become a better person. Is figuring out whether the basketball team star player is dating that girl can make you a better person? NO! Is hanging out with your friends the day before exam can help you to get into a good university? NO! Is crying for the guy/girl who break up with you for the whole day and do nothing can lead you to a better future?NO! I am not saying that you all should be a nerd or completely anti-social, but every decision you make should also involve the influence to your academic performance.

  • It Is OKAY to Be Different

I know that it always feels good to be the popular ones, who get all the attention and make many friends. However, don’t try too hard to be one of them. It is like death to me if I am not being myself for one second in my life. People love you for being who you are. It is not a big deal to be an ordinary boy/girl, or even the one who is constantly being laughed or teased. I love a famous quote “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger.” You are much stronger than those popular kids. It is okay to be yourself as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Always remember to sparkle your kindness, even to those people who are being mean to you, and this is a good way to show that how good you are as a person. In college, if you are just constantly being kind and friendly, it is not difficult to have a bunch of friends. Imagine the faces of those popular kids who fail to go to college seeing you having so much fun in college — you will realise “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” (No offence to those popular kids out there, just a typical stereotype)

  • Do Not Let Anyone Affect You

We build our own thoughts and values mostly during our teenage years and people around you can really affect you a lot. Peer pressure can be a big problem — I mean who doesn’t want to fit in and feel accepted? However, always set boundaries for yourself and don’t be affected by people so easily. If your friend tell you to do something that you don’t really want to do, learn to say NO! It is not that hard to reject someone. Moreover, some “Know-it-all” people always tell you “You should…” or “Oh My God! You haven’t… yet?”, and they will make you feel you are not “normal” or “cool enough.” Then, those words would be in your mind for ages and make you feel frustrated. Ignore them! You are the only one who can tell yourself what you should be doing, not someone you might not see again after leaving high school. You might also afraid people will talk behind you so you are not dare to do something different, but you shouldn’t let those things stop you from making you happy. Last but not lease, people, even teachers, might tell you that you are not good enough or do not expect much from you. Well, anyone can look down on you but not yourself. I know this sounds super cliche but believing in yourself is really important. Of course, there are always some people that can inspire you to achieve more and become a better person, learn from them!

These are the things I wish I knew in high school that might helps me to have less regrets. I am sure that high school is the place where I laughed and cried the most. However, everything happens for a reason: when good things happen, it’s a blessing; when bad things happened, it’s a lesson. Although most of the things happened in my high school are lessons to me, I still need to say “Thank you for making me stronger and helping me to find people who love me for who I am” to my beloved high school.