What Does Service Experience Have to Do with Consciousness?

Tracy Diziere
Oct 14, 2018 · 3 min read

For all our focus on maintaining professionalism in our work as service providers, we are, after all, humans first — and so are our buyers. I realize this sounds odd at first — and like a no-brainer. The point is, Have you ever had an encounter with someone in which their “being professional” comes off as “robotic,” “distant,” or “detached” instead? I sure have.

To focus on “being human” as a higher priority means that whatever we deliver is deeply invested with our emotions and the ideals of service. And this also means we are aware what a really big deal it was for our buyers to put their trust and hope in us. We are committed to giving ideal clients what they want and need.

Yet in my experience, most folks with a service-based business — even those driven by the mission to “do it better” — have launched without fully exploring their service ideals and what I call “Standard Operating Assumptions” surrounding their business. In other words, they’re not becoming truly conscious of the experience they are delivering and want to deliver.

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What experience can you deliver to care for your clients?

In fairness, it’s not really something that people talk or think about. Even if they do, it can take an enormous amount of time and energy to plan out. Mostly, it’s just assumed that we’re providing a service that’s needed and valued exactly as it is. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have clients, right? And we’re tweaking things here and there along the way, so that must be good enough. We’re doing OK, really.

It is far more common to invest lots of dollars in marketing — with so many shoulds out there around that. So we spin our wheels in marketing loops, often without really asking if it’s meeting our highest purpose, let alone bringing in the best return.

As conscious service providers, we owe it to our customers to do more than just consider them as “targets.” Ideally, we’d bring all the human connections we’re making with them to the foreground and be considerate of them. And beyond that, empathetic.

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Consciously design your services with empathy

When we make conscious decisions to design our services from beginning to end with the buyer in mind, we not only reap positive feelings; we actually move into true “Service Excellence.” And the returns that manifest are many.

That’s why I invite you to sit down to consciously craft and plan for your ideal client to have a STELLAR experience with you! If you are ready, you can register to attend a “Steps to Services Excellence” call.

I know it’s not always easy to carve out the time, space, and energy to invest in working ON the business and I promise when you do, it makes all the difference.

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