The Beans On The Inside Info Of Live Streaming 2016

The Beans On The Inside Info Of Live Streaming 2016. Okay, here’s the beans… If you thought Live streaming video was already big wait till you see this. 2016 is about to explode with the live streaming.

In the last few months people have been live streaming that were not even in the streaming business. Meerkat, Periscope, have already developed.

The first week of January 2016, Mevee opened for business. The week before the big summit. The trade show just for live streamers of any size. People from all over the world are traveling to San Francisco, California January 16–17, to attend.

Soon Live streaming we’ll take over social media advertising as a big player. Players include Facebook Live, YouTube Live streaming, David Beckham’s MyEye.

The reason that these Apps are so valuable and popular is the interaction between the viewer and the broadcaster. It is worldwide, personal and individual. The viewer gets to know and trust the broadcaster.

Live streaming 24/7/365 bypasses the TV Broadcast which is scripted and talked at the viewer.

Broadcasted were fascinating Christmas and New Year’s eve celebrations in each area of the world including unedited personal interviews including views of Dubai the fire from individual homes.

Some Smart televisions will display these broadcasts. The rest of us will rely on the smart phone app and the computer for live streaming for news, education, entertainment and business.

You can follow Tracy Elman @MyTtweet on Periscope, Mevee,, and Twitter and as Tracy Elman on other social networking sites.

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