A Letter To Sheryl Sandberg
Katie Hafner

Katie…your words spoke to me more than you know. I too lost my husband. Kevin passed away unexpectedly last year from complications from a heart attack. He was only 41, our daughter only 10. I have managed to keep moving forward like you said bruised and mangled inside. Kacie and I too saw a counselor right away. I think it was a great discision. She doesn’t like to talk much about it but it comes up when I least expect it. I have found that I do better around milestone events in a way because I surround myself with my family and I am prepared for it. One of the counselors I saw summed it up best. She said grief is kind of like a car wreck. The holidays and milestones are like a wreck you see coming. You brace yourself for the impact, knowing that it is coming. It’s the days when you are driving along and all of a sudden your t-boned. Though are the hardest days. Thank you for sharing your words. It brought comfort to me knowing that what I have been going through and feeling is normal. I am sure your letter will bring comfort to Sheryl.



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