Hi Diane, thanks for reading.
Emily Pothast

Dogwalking and Pet Care is a good industry to get into, as an alternative. I own a house in the Bay area paid for with dogwalking. The systemic sexism you are talking about does exist for sure, but there are better alternatives.

In the future, if prostitution were accepted as just another equally ok occupation, then we would have guidance counselors in schools saying to the pretty girls that they seem well suited for the porn and or prostitution industries, which pay relatively well as compared with other jobs available to women. Perhaps they could add some related questions to aptitude exams, like: Do you have low self esteem? How do you feel about being mistreated by men? How can we properly assess your sex providing skills? Perhaps pimps could do recruiting at high schools like the Army? Is this what you want for your daughters? Who is insisting that it’s equal and we should all just shut up about it, and calling that feminism? All types of behavior are not protected by the constitution,some are illegal for good reason. Not all behaviors are healthy for the individuals involved or for society as a whole. Not all behaviors are equal or above criticism. Behavior is a choice, not something you can’t change like race or gender. Sure, some women are born into poverty and abuse and have fewer options, but women or girls involved in prostitution need help, not lies.

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