Why It’s Time You Started a Fuck-It List
Bianca Bass

I never understood why we MUST do things other than work to make money to feed ourselves and family and have shelter and clothing to keep us warm. People that say “Oh, I simply couldn’t do that,” or “I have to do this before blah blah blah” ……I want to say “well , why exactly do you HAVE to do this or that? Who SAYS you have to?” LOL! At 47, and after being micro-managed as an only-child/neice/grandaughter of the modern-day “Golden Girls” who told me their every wish, desire and expectation of/for me, I got sick of it and said “fuuuuuuccckk it.” No disrespect, but my brain is too full of my own thoughts, wants, needs desires that don’t require any of you, (or society), to perform any personality-changing feats in order to make ME think YOU’re OKAY……I just don’t have time or energy for all of the worlds thoughts, rules, expectations, stereotypes, trends, and social network popularity. So I let that go. I don’t think “what will my friend think if I don’t come to her Tupperware party? haha okay…… Pampered Chef party? or some new slim-miracle system, etc. or best yet, a sex-toy party! I just say, “aww, you know I hate that kinda shit.” and let it go at that. They want me to do something for them by coming to their party, and I want them to do something for me by not inviting me when they know I don’t want to come. So who is more important, them or me? One of us is going to be mad or upset. I choose for it NOT to be me …since I have to be me all the time, and be inside my mind, heart, spirit, soul -and literally can’t avoid myself…. I choose to just say, “fuck it! It they don’t like me or are mad, then that is not something I’m going to spend any time thinking about.” This actually needs a few more qualifiers to explain the full-extent of my “fuck-it” perspectives, but to be honest, I’m exhausted, and must eat a strawberry cheescake chunk icecream cone and go to bed! :-) Good thoughts to you all, and Good Night.

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