My Generation is Just Awful, and Colleges are Making it Worse
James Richardson

I can’t help but smile. The right to offend, the right to be offended. It seems you are working very, very hard, to offend some people with this article. Or is it that you are very, very, offended by some people’s and some colleges behaviors, and feel the need to defend? In any case, I applaud your offence, or was it your defense?

There is, as the song goes, “ You can’t have a light without a dark to stick it in.”. There can be no offence, unless someone chooses to be offended. Is the offender at fault? Or the offended? Or the person who judges ‘offending’ as bad, but does not take the time to judge ‘being offended’ as bad at all… And then of course we have to consider defense. Is it a defense if there is no offence, no intention to offend? Is it ok to offend, but not ok to intend to offend? Is it ok to defend, but not if your defense offends? Is it ok to defend, but not if your defense is intended to offend.

My mind boggles… It’s all very complicated. No intention to offend.. Please don’t feel offended. Please don’t get defensive… :-)
to your health, tracy

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