AI Revolution 101
Pawel Sysiak

I will believe in the intelligence of AI when it has begins to develop it’s own goals, based on it’s own life and future. Right now, there is not a shred of evidence that any AI has its own goals. A single cellular life form has goals — even though it has no consciousness of those goals. It wants to eat and excrete, to grow and to reproduce. A cell line, as the cells reproduce and die, have another, non-conscious, goal — to evolve. A mass of cells adds new goals into the mix. Still not conscious — to cooperate and benefit from cooperation. Before long, the masses of different cells learn to cooperate, a higher level goal, and tissues evolve.. Tissues learn a higher level goal, to cooperate, and create limbs and organs. Organs learn to cooperate and create the goals of organ systems, and a body. Bodies have individual goals, like the cell. But they also have community goals, which enhance their individual goals. Humans create communities of communities of communities, creating more and more layers of intelligence, more and more layers of goals. Every community is an individual, with individual goals, but it is also part of a community of communities — with higher level goals. At every level, there are individuals with individual goals — which in the case of most animals can change from minute to minute, day to day, week to week, throughout our lifetimes. There are goals at many levels.

Much of what is written about AI, Artificial Intelligence, has no sense of cooperation. None. No need for cooperation, nor competition, because it has no individual life, and no community life. AI is simply stupid, no matter how smart it looks from an individual perspective.

Perhaps we should speak of AI not as ‘Artificial Intelligence’ but as ‘Artificial Individuals’. Because AI individuals have no individual goals, and no communities.

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