This is about the time I chose not to die.
Mike Monteiro

Illness is a hole in your health. Like the hole in a doughnut, it is not ‘you’, it is ‘not you’. Your illness has causes, which lead to symptoms. Illness lies in-between the two. Every illness is like this.

Every illness is invisible. The cause is not the illness, it doesn’t always cause the illness. The symptoms are not the illness, the same symptoms don’t always indicate the same illness. You can only see the symptoms, because the illness is invisible.

There are only two ways to address an illness, and only one way to cure.

You can tackle the symptoms — you did that. We often need to tackle symptoms to, as you say, ‘give breathing room’. If you stop at tackling symptoms, the invisible illness continues, and can continue to grow. Sometimes it fades, but only if the causes fade. Tackling symptoms does not cure.

To cure, you need to tackle the causes. Some illnesses, especially illnesses like depression, that can grow over time, even over generations of time, have many causes, which can be difficult to find, difficult to recognize, and difficutl to tackle. good luck

to your health, tracy

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