Our Consumption Model Is Broken. Here’s How To Build A New One.
Ali El Idrissi

It’s not a consumption model. That’s a ruse.

It’s a sales model. No salesman cares what you buy, or how much you buy, as long as you buy. It’s a model driven by sales, that drives consumption. “Things” sell. Services don’t make good sales, they’re too hard to produce, to hard to patent, to hard to sell.

Start with people, not product. — Nobody cares about the people. You can’t sell people, you can only sell the product. If you want to use people effectively, you need them to sell more products.

Design for efficiency and low/no waste. — efficiency is nonsense, except for efficiency in lowering cost of products. More is better. Cheaper production is better. Efficiency? Who cares. Be effective at sales. Nobody buys efficiency, they buy brands.

3. “We should design services that solve for joy, convenience, sustainability, and affordability.”Services don’t sell. Joy doesn’t sell. Sell the sizzle. The thrill of something new. Services don’t scale. They can’t be patented. They can’t be mass produced. Things sell. Consumption sells.

Design for trust. You can’t sell trust. If you try, people will distrust you, on principle. You can’t trust services. You can only trust products. You can touch them. Take them home. Put them on the shelf. And then go out and buy more. You can buy a product for a dollar at the dollar store. Or 20 products for 20 dollars. But if you want to buy somebody’s time… Now that’s expensive. Services come from people. Don’t trust people…. You can’t trust salesmen, but you can trust products.

You can’t sell happiness. You can’t mass produce happiness. But you can sell products, even if they are thrown away minutes later.


Am I a cynic?

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