Tokenizing Wikipedia
Simon de la Rouviere

The sad truth about Wikipedia is that it had been hacked by commercial interests, those with skin-in-the-game. Much of wiki’s 'information' is clearly total nonsense, and as near as I can determine, the problem cannot be solved in the current version. The word 'cure' as it currently appears on Wikipedia — , for example, is total unsubstantiated nonsense, written by people who don’t even check the most basic references, or notice conflicts between various wiki posts.

Perhaps the most obvious problem on Wikipedia is the concept of pseudoscience. Pseudoscience is simply not a science, it is a religion based on the sanctity of clinical studies and published research. But published research has shown that most published research is simply wrong. The religion of pseudoscience is used to dismiss alternative views. Combined with Wikipedia’s wish to find the one truth, the result is a disaster, an actual loss of knowledge, with an illusion of truth.

It tells us what we want to hear, in great detail, with references. Tastes great. No calories.

To your health, tracy

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