Dr. Yishai Barkhordari, host of The Business Couch podcast.

“I wanted to create some kind of a theme. That to me was part of the process of engineering the show. I called it Insight Sunday. Insight Sunday is the interview where I get the story of the entrepreneur or the leader. We dig in and make connections between what it is that they are passionate about, what brought them to where they are and what’s happening in their brains to allow success to happen. Then there’s Story Tuesday and Thrive Thursday, tying it all together.”

Justin Peters, host of The Struggle Is Real Podcast.

Breakthrough the struggles of growing your show with these powerful tips.

Lou Diamond, host of the Thrive LOUD Podcast.

Attorney Alexia Bedat of Klaris Law.

Taking a walk down the lane of legality and what you need to know as a host.

Krista Karpowich, host of the Wag Out Loud Pawdcast.

“Your audience is not going to engage unless you give them a chance. You have to ask them a relevant question upfront and give the statistic or the information and it works well. And these are quick things and people love to repeat these, and when they do that, they’ll usually tell their friend or coworker that they heard it on my show. Now I’m getting referrals too.”

Louis Morris, host of The Heart Matters Podcast.

Learning why the heart really matters in podcasting and coaching.

Raphie Wagner, host of Not A Momma Life Podcast.

Melanie Parish, host of The Experimental Leader Podcast

This entrepreneur has learned, through experimentation, and thinks you should too.

Saving Time and Resources

Rick Jordan, host of All In with Rick Jordan Podcast.

Tracy Hazzard

Podcasting Expert Strategist; Host of 5 top podcasts: The Binge Factor; New Trust Economy; Feed Your Brand; Product Launch Hazzards; WTFFF?! Podetize Co-Founder

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