Working From Home is Never Worth It
Rosamund Lannin

It’s awesome that you have the option, and I completely understand your reasons for wanting to be in an office atmosphere, but I think maybe the fact that you HAVE the option may skew the reasons you prefer it. If you are able to work from home whenever you want then no one is watching the clock, on your behalf, to make sure you are in the building by 8:00 and don’t leave before 5:00, and don’t take one minute extra for your lunch hour… so that you have no choice but to spend your evenings and weekends (“off” hours) on your personal interests/appointments/obligations. And I get the arguments that staying in pajamas or not putting on a bra affects your level of productivity, it would affect mine as well — but I fail to see who or what is preventing you from taking a shower and getting dressed in the morning. I mean, that’s on you. And unless a doctor has put you on Bed Rest, can you really not find a spot with a table and a chair at which to sit and do your work, if you don’t enjoy working from bed? It just seems that you’re making the argument that working from home is wrong for everyone, when it may just be wrong for you. And that’s fine. But many of us would like the option.

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