“All Great Changes are Preceded by Chaos” Deepak Chopra

All Great changes are precede by chaos.

This weekend marks 12 months since I stepped away from a life filled with chaos, stress and immense work pressure and moved into a life in which I could truly take control of and set my own direction and goals. A life where I would no longer believe I had superpowers to fix and change every thing and every one else; but simply the power to change me!

So it is very fitting that this weekend I will spend my time; taking a stroll in the sunshine, chatting to family and friends, quietly reading, creating some colour charts, watching a movie, a little bit of imagining for my business, and of course contemplating what this change has meant and sharing a few thoughts with you.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to say that everything is rosey! My sleeping hours are still totally messed up and despite living in Sydney I feel like I sleep as if I’m in the Indian time zone. I still cannot manage to do breakfast and let’s just say my exercise is limited to not so many sunshine strolls and a few yoga classes where I struggle to even balance when standing on two feet! Funny, as I write this I can hear Coach Kash’s voice saying to me; “Trace Language is Powerful” — but today I am saying; “Honesty is also cleansing for my soul!!” And hey eventually these wellness factors will improve……but as they say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.

So what has changed?

My life’s pace has slowed down and this gives me the space to appreciate everything around me. And when I’m appreciating the little things that previously didn’t even cross my radar I’m learning more about me….

Just like the other day, I was watching my tropical fish swimming around their tank (yes i have managed to keep a few alive). I noticed they are constantly in the water space directly next to the glass despite there being 80 litres of water for them to navigate. Those of you who know me well will know I practically analyse everything! So of course, I wonder…Why do they do this? Are they looking and wanting more? Obviously I will never know the “why” of the swimming direction of my fish. But this was a learning for me and what I took away; is that whilst on the journey of establishing my new business and constantly wanting to achieve more and have more success….. that it is essential that I have much gratitude for all I have in the present.

Each passing day in the last year has seen an increase to my inner peace and calmness. Ok so as I’m claiming honesty; except when Serena is playing in a Grand Slam and during her matches my anxiety and blood pressure is maxed!!!. But seriously, the reduced pressure and stress has absolutely equated in genuine happiness for me. It enables me to smile more, to laugh often and to give and receive love.

This new way of being has given me the strength to see the positive in each situation. It has given me the ability to trust that each day whatever takes place is exactly what is meant to be in my journey at that specific time. Most importantly it has given me the grace to be thankful for all that I have, all that I am and all that I can be.

It is also very fitting at this time to finish today’s thoughts by expressing how blessed I feel to have so many special people in my life who have loved me, supported me, cared for me, guided me, inspired me and encouraged me every step of this journey thus far. This is written for you with deep gratitude.

Originally published at createsmartcraft.com.