No I don’t answer to Mumma!

No I don’t answer to Mumma…

No I don’t answer to Mumma, Mummy, Mommy, Mum, Mom or Mother and I’m not a Mumpreneur. Despite founding a business that primarily focuses on entertaining and educating young children; I do not have children of my own.

It surprises many and the first questions asked are; “Why create stuff for kids when you don’t have any?” “Why do you care about their learning and play?” “How do you even know what they like if you don’t have any?” And sometimes (although more rarely) I will get a an awkward question like, “Why don’t you have any children? ( I actually get the feeling that this question is in the minds of more people than those who actually express it out loud.)

Fortunately it is so easy for me to answer the why I do what I do. I’m absolutely honoured to have had and still have a tribe of children in my circle (related and non related) that call me Aunty and many variations in between from Aunty Facey to Nanny! It is a privilege to know them, to share in their journeys and to have spent many hours with each of them at both good and not so good times. Translated this means I have experienced many important milestones but have also cleaned up after many a food tantrum, been bitten and of course been told ‘I’m horrible, mean and the worst Aunty ever! “ (Luckily this never lasts too long and I’m back to favourite status, well at least till next time! My line of work always helps with this for the little ones).

I feel blessed that their parents have graced me with opportunities to be part of their lives, to love them and receive their extraordinary unconditional love in return. This special unconditional love, innocence and trust that children offer is more than enough to inspire me to create activities that will bring them happiness and to help them to learn and grow.

Of course I’m not surprised, and those that know me well are also not surprised that creating children’s products is what I love to do for my “work”. (not that it feels like work) I’ve always absolutely adored children and my preferred space at any gathering is always with the kiddies. Listening to them, laughing with them and learning from them.

As I reach an age where I know being called Mummy is not a reality for me, the question that is a little harder to answer is “Why haven’t I been blessed with children?”……because I love being with them, creating stuff for them and I feel like I do know what they enjoy. The first answer that comes to mind; Is that broken sleep and early mornings would kill me, hence leaving the child motherless anyway! But this surely couldn’t be the answer? But it is for sure accurate!!

I actually don’t think there is an answer that would satisfy and most importantly I’m certain that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be, doing exactly what I’m meant to be doing.

I am simply a small part of the village helping in a small way to raise the world’s children.

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