My mind

I have found the paradox of you and me. You were light and I was darkness. I wanted to use your sheets as band aids and you wanted to be my doctor and stitch me back together. So as I used you I sucked the life out of your bright soul to lighten mine a little more. The more I took from you the darker you became and by the end when I was still dark and you were even darker, I wondered where had all of your light gone. When I couldn’t figure it out I finally asked you, “where has all of your light gone?” and to which you replied to me, “you took my light and when it didn’t keep you lit you left me to be as dark as you, you can’t go around taking what does not belong to you.” And once again I tell you I have found the paradox of you and me, when you love until there is nothing to be given back but darkness there is nothing but blackness and loss.

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