We are baptized into society with the complications of the mind. And we cry out as the water of programming hits us, confuses us, and transforms us into submission. But today, in this lifetime we are here to change this.

To change the way we perceive society.

To change the way we perceive others.

To change the way we perceive ourselves.

To change society, a change that will ripple across the world, will take a different approach.

You will need to sacrifice your mind, your beliefs, what you thought to be true, and willing to be lead by your heart…

We are confronted by the birth, death, and voids of relationships throughout our lives. We crave the connection, hunger for the need to belong, and have a limitless appetite for love.

And yet, we remain emotionally malnourished as our relationships have become deficient in the ability to trust and explore possibilities.

Possibilities of growth.

Possibilities of connection.

Possibilities of moving beyond the conditioned patterns of society.

But we choose to remain in status quo even though the hunger pains for stable relationships remain unfulfilled, leaving us deprived and unaware of our own blindspots.

I found myself at a similar crossroads…

They found his 2-year-old sister dead in the cow tank. He and his sister were caught up in a game of hide and seek, and forgot to watch her.

For 75 years, that day has been engrained in my client’s brain. He was 6 years old at the time. Because his mother was busy with his newborn brother, and his dad was working in the farm fields, his mother demanded he and his sister watch the 2-year-old.

He remembers the dress his sister wore, the color of the barn, and the sick feeling in his stomach when they discovered his…

Why You Need to Confront the Truth of Your Emotional Junk Drawer.

I froze as my heart sank. I rediscovered my dog’s hair clippings, in my junk drawer, from the day they died.

Seeing the clippings brought back the trauma of that sad day. Both of my dogs died together two years ago. I remember clipping their hair, after making a cast of their paw prints, before they died.

As I cleaned out my junk drawer I proceeded to take out the fur pieces, felt the texture and stroked it like I did when they were alive. Tears ran down my face as I talked to the fur and said, “I miss…

I didn’t recognize my neighbor when I ran into him at our community picnic. He had grown a beard, looked like he had lost weight, and wasn’t wearing his usual custom tailored ensemble. I could sense he was uncomfortable when my husband and I approached him.

As my husband commented on his beard my neighbor took on a defensive body stance and roared, “YES, everyone in this neighborhood judges.”

He was correct. He was being judged. We all judge.

We aren’t being honest with ourselves if we don’t admit we judge. …

As the line gets shorter and shorter to hold the Tarantula I panic.

I think to myself, “What if she bites me?” “What if she jumps on my face?” “What if she shoots her pokey hairs into my eyes?”

I have arachnophobia. Just looking at a picture of a spider gives me anxiety. I don’t want my kids to inherit my fear based patterns so I have agreed to follow my fear and hold the Tarantula.

As we wait in line to meet Rosie I observe my mind struggling between conditioned fear and my knowledge of human behavior.

My conditioned…

Tears of frustration run down my face after my emotionally drunk, pre-teen daughter, gives me the finger and tells me she hates me. I have to walk away, with her phone in my hand, and give myself a “time out” to prevent myself from saying anything I will regret later. I sit on my bed and look at a picture of my daughter and son hugging each other, on the beach, when they were toddlers.

I say to myself, “How did my babies get so obnoxious, defiant and draining?”

I know kids are challenging at any age. …

The hijacking happened within 20 milliseconds.

The airport security, the flight staff, the passengers, Dr. David Dao, and now the American Airlines flight attendant, and mother kicked off the flight, were all hijacked by the fear center of the brain, the Amygdala. They were unconscious of it, but it created a blind spot in their decision making which caused them to react from a place of emotion and perceived threat.

As a result United Airlines lost $225 million in market value and created a public relations nightmare. …

Tracy Pfeifer-Martino

Best-Selling Author, CEO and founder, of Executive Return and T. Martino Brands, LLC. Helping you become emotionally resilient!

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