4 tips to try at your startup, plus which parts of their process you shouldn’t copy.

Finding a great developer for your startup can feel like a daunting task. Just ask the 86% of technology leaders who say it’s challenging to find tech talent.

At the same time, a good developer can make a huge difference for your company. According to research, top performers are 400% more productive than average team members.

Leading tech companies like Google, Pinterest, and Facebook attract some of the best talent on the market.

These companies have deep pockets and plenty of inbound candidates. As a startup or scaleup, you probably can’t hire in exactly in the same way as Big…

You know how it is: Hiring great software developers is hard. But with the right process, you will make better hiring decisions.

A hiring manager and a software engineer are shaking hands. “The 3-Step Software Developer Hiring Process by CodeSubmit
A hiring manager and a software engineer are shaking hands. “The 3-Step Software Developer Hiring Process by CodeSubmit
Hiring developers? Achieve Step 3 with CodeSubmit

Today, you’ll learn how to set up a great software developer hiring process. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to start assessing candidates.
  • What your interviews should look like.
  • And how to use coding assignments to choose the right software developer.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive right in.

Step 1: What Should You Look for in a Developer?

Why is it so important that you get your hiring decision right when hiring developers?

Good question. You see, “10X developers” can have a huge impact on your business. According to research, top performers are 400% more productive than average workers.

Plus, a bad hire will cost you money. The cost of a…

Test candidates for iOS and Android dev skills on CodeSubmit

CodeSubmit is excited to add mobile development to our library of programming aptitude tests! Hiring teams can create their own assignments for iOS and Android, or use one of the CodeSubmit Library assignments to assess mobile development skills.

With CodeSubmit for Mobile, you can test candidates on all the skills you may need in an app developer. For iOS, that includes skills and capabilities like:

  • Knowledge of iOS programming languages (Swift, Objective-C)
  • Ability to develop an app for different devices: smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Ability to work with most frequently used APIs and open-source libraries
  • Knowledge of IDE, REST/JSON/XML standards; MVP…

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Time is money — for hiring teams and for candidates

Take home coding tests are getting more and more popular in the USA. It’s about time, because they’ve been a go-to for European tech companies for a while now. And it makes sense; our increasingly globalized talent market demands an elegant solution to finding and assessing technical talent around the world.

A few years ago, the majority of American tech jobs could be filled with American tech talent. Thats getting increasingly harder to do as more and more companies decide they’re tech companies (looking at you, Disney).

According to IT trade group CompTIA, U.S. employers had about 918,000 unfilled IT…

Recruiting developers is hard — this process makes it easier

Do you have a simple-but-strategic inbound developer recruiting process? If not, it’s time for you to get one.

Anyone who’s done it knows that hiring developer talent is not the same game as hiring non-technical talent. And when it comes to hiring developers, its even more critical to have a good (and quick!) process in place. Let me quickly tell you why:

  • Developer “skill” runs the gamut, even within job titles. They may say that they’re a senior java developer, but are they really?
  • Educational background alone cannot be trusted to indicate whether or not someone is a good dev…

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Optimize your job posts and attract better candidates

Writing a job description isn’t typically the most fun activity, but it is incredibly important. As a startup or small- to medium-sized company, your job description is often the first time a candidate learns about your company and envisions themselves working there.

Once your job descriptions are well-executed, you will discover that lot of your best applicants are inbound — meaning candidates apply on their own after seeing one of your job posts. Inbound applications are amazing, because they save a whole lot of recruiting time in the long run (less time spent finding talented strangers and selling them on…

Setting a new standard in frontend take-home assignments

We know that reviewing candidate submissions requires a lot of (valuable) time.

Thats why we built CodePlay, the one-click run of a candidate’s submission that allows you to easily and immediately see the output of a task. For frontend assignments, that means seeing a preview of your candidate’s submission in your browser.

For Wookie Movies, it’ll look something like this

CodePlay improves upon our VM and literally allows you play around in a candidate’s code. Do they include a working search function? Try it out and see. Do they fully utilize the API on individual movie pages, or did they leave some information out? Do they go above…

An optimized careers page and easier-than-ever social media marketing

We’re excited to announce to our customers CodeSubmit Talent: A customizable careers page with built-in automated performance marketing boosts to get your open roles in front of the best latent talent.

Its super easy to set up a beautiful careers page with CodeSubmit.

Simply go into Talent, upload your logo, and select your primary brand color. Add a bit of info about why your company is a great place to work. Finish it off by including the benefits of the job!

From there you can add job postings one by one, or — if you’re a Personio customer — import…

and they’re pretty 🆒

We’ve added some new features to the CodeSubmit platform and we’re excited to tell you guys all about them 😎

Writing an effective take-home assignment is hard (we’ve written about it here). And so, while you’ll always be able to add your own assignment to CodeSubmit, we’re excited to announce that you may not have to. Thats because:

The first library assignments are now available! 🎉

And they’re Star Wars edition!

  • Our new frontend assignment, “Wookie Movies”, tests candidate skill in either React, Vue, Angular, or Backbone frameworks.
  • Our new backend assignment, “Wookie Books” tests candidate skill in Django and Flask.

All of our library assignments follow a…

Introducing our new in-app IDE, Bias Protection Mode, user roles, and comments

Its only been three weeks since our last update, but we’ve been working hard to bring our customers the features they need to thrive in the competitive world of tech recruiting. We’re proud to introduce:

The CodeSubmit In-App IDE for Reviewing Assignments

One of our very first customers told us that reviewing candidate submissions was her biggest pain-point in the developer hiring process. Downloading zipped files to her computer or trying to obtain access to a private repository wasn’t cutting it. For CodeSubmit, it became clear that the hiring team should be able to view a candidate’s submission in-app. So, we’ve added a slightly modified version of…

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