Why I will not fight Donald Trump

Why will I not fight?

I am good at it,

I have practiced,

a lot,

it has become a habit

as so much of my life has been fighting.

For my rights as a woman, to be noticed, heard.

To be given equal worth.

I grieve daily that this is not an honored right.

I despair that everything is not given equal worth:

those that have the capability to speak and those that do not.

Can you hear the voice of the earth?

Why, given this reality,

will I not fight

but instead

believe the best is possible?

Because that is the story I want to tell about humanity.

And because

unless we stop perpetuating the story of fighting,

become aware of the habit,

and put our energy toward a new story,

fighting will keep on being,

in our mind and body,

in our treatment of the earth and of other creatures.

I am not saying I will go back to sleep.

For me, that is not possible anymore.

What I am saying is that I will stop normalizing the story that we have perpetuated:

that fighting

is the way.

New bridge over an ancient river

I am here to be the bridge between the old story of what has been and the new story that is possible.

To be connection and hold the space in between.

The story of our future is out there.

It is ephemeral,

yet I can feel its pulse

and I know you can too.

The story is something that we create together.

In fact, it is even more possible to create it


that the illusions

of protection and safety

have crashed to the ground.

Though we feel untethered,

that old story has not been true for some time.

In fact, the illusions only work when

we believe

to be

who we want to become

we have to fight.

But you and I are not afraid

of changing our habits

of stepping into a new story

or being unsettled in the space in between the old and the new.

Because at least we are in it together.

And in that truth

we are strong.

I am telling the new story, being the new story, and bringing others together to share in its creation.

For only when people feel it, hear it, see it,

only then will it change us from the inside out.

For this reason, I will not go back to sleep and rely on the illusion,

and I will not fight.

I will believe.

And my hope will be the light

in the darkness

that comes with the ending of one story

and the space before the beginning of another.

The time is now.

Tell the new story.