Tracy Rexroat: The Need for Properly Trained Professionals

Tracy Rexroat is a dedicated educator who acts as a bridge for students and young professionals to enter the professional world. She is an advocate of STEM education, which focuses on educating students in fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Technology from the University of South Dakota and a Master’s degree in Technology Education. She received both degrees while serving her country for more than 20 years in both the Air National Guard and the Army National Guard. She understands the importance of teaching students before they enter the professional world and helping gain the real world experience they need in order to be successful.

Properly training students in their respective career paths is extremely important in this day and age. One of the biggest problems our economy faces is the rising rate of retirees within the baby boomer generation and not having enough younger professionals available to fill the void. The educational system needs to do a better job giving students the ability to gain real world experience while still in school. Internships and summer career opportunities will go a long way when a student graduates from a university and is looking to get their foot through the door in their respective careers. The programming, manufacturing, health care, and engineering industries desperately need properly trained professionals in order make up for the large number of retirees.

Through STEM type education, Tracy Rexroat believes that students will be better prepared to enter the work force once their education and training is complete. She is dedicated not only to educating, but career placement for graduating students as well. Through her work, she empowers students to enter their respective industries with enough experience to make them successful.

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