A rant on In-Authenticity in Art

I’ve spent a lot of time in my artistic career trying to make myself more palatable to everyone, pandering to clients and rubbing elbows with whomever while dumbing down my message as an artist as to not offend others. Doing this I often felt very angry, feeling held back, then an angry piece of work would thrust itself forth out of nowhere completely confusing everyone in its path…even potential clientele. However a decision had to be made. Keep going down the road of censorship or say screw it and do my own thing, needless to say I chose the the latter.

Flesh/ Community Project

I’m done with the roller coaster ride of who’s who and who likes what and who does not, while trying to figure out how can I get them to like me, so I can sell them more shit. Truth is, I’m really not a very tolerant of this kinda stuff and I don’t have the “want to” to put up with inauthentic people in my personal work or life in general. Inauthentic people in my opinion, dilute the artistic process and can completely negate the work as whole losing its message entirely.

Dissent/ Community Project

However, I do a lot of charity work with women and children here in my town and will put up with quite a lot in this arena, they are the fundamental reason I became an artist and are most deserving of my attention and patience for that matter. I don’t mean this in an egotistical way. What I really mean is, I look past a lot for the greater good with charity work. As for day to day living, I really prefer being alone and out of the way of any bullshit headed down the slope. This ideology keeps me out of trouble most of the time, other times not so much. No longer, do I spend time with people I don’t like. Its valuable time that’s wasted on the wrong people. Hell it’s hard enough to spend time with those I do like. I’ve got a couple of good friends and I’m okay with that.

The Awakening/Community Project

Sort of on the same note, I hate forced situations just as much as fake people. Like “Hey lets get a picture of us together and post it up on social media and talk about how good of friends we are…” When I don’t know shit about you or you me... Or oh…I know how about this one “ I sent you a friend request on Facebook so I’m gonna throw your name around and tell people we are homies and that I know you” Stupid and go screw yourself. Yes I know “hate” is a strong word, however I feel very strongly on the matter. On the flip side I like to make art. A lot of it. All kinds. My roots are in photography and that’s what I’ll always go back to. I’m always doing weird shit to the images as far as different processes go and through art I’ve learned a lot about people in general. I can tell what kind of person they are and if they’ll ever be in front of my camera again within just a few short minutes of being in their presence. Call me judgmental dick, I don’t really care. It works for me.

100 Women/ Community Project

In the end, I am a realist I guess, I don’t have much patience for stupidity or stupid people. I dislike mental game playing or better called manipulation, it doesn’t matter how big or small the issue is, people that do this then expect to be friends and make art are delusional. End Rant.

A. Pistola