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“I wouldn’t be surprised to see future post about how this racist white guy on the interwebs hurt my feelings, but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. That’s the problem with the current social climate. Social media has given everyone a soapbox from which to spew their own self-righteousness, when the reality is, no one really cares about your feelings.”

No, the problem is that going out of your way to deliberately hurt someone else ought to be so incredibly frowned upon that it stops immediately. We SHOULD care about each other & try to help, not to hurt. You’re Mr. Insult-To-Injury, kicking someone when they’re down…and for no reason — the same as the perpetrator in the story.

Your reaction is so odd, actually worse than the idiot playing passive/aggressive games (the hallmark of a bully, “why can’t YOU take a joke”?). The last time I witnessed such a reaction, the patient was diagnosed with a personality disorder.

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