I Was Suspended from Facebook for my #MeToo Post
Deborah Copaken

The fact that your photos, which were designed to make people think about what violence looks like to women everywhere — was flagged by Facebook, just tells you what sort of patriarchal hold has been around the necks of our world thus far. If a woman were it’s head, I doubt that would have happened.

As an opposite example of what Facebook believes is GOOD STUFF, is the photo “I” flagged as inciting violent behavior, yet I was admonished that it, “did not overstep the guidelines”…or some such nonsense. This flagging, coming from non-censorship “me”, was a very odd place to find myself in the first place — but to read your experience vs. mine is just mind-blowing. Here then, is the photo I flagged:

Keep in mind that this is “okay” with Facebook AND Mark Zuckerberg even AFTER the Las Vegas massacre! Also keep in mind that this is NOT simply a photo I found on a random, twisted mind’s Facebook — but rather it is a person who SELLS THESE ITEMS AS SHIRTS & COFFEE MUGS, etc! Facebook is actively SUPPORTING IT’S DISPERSION INTO THE WORLD.

The USA & Zuckerberg are sicker than I ever thought.