My go to’s on how to stay socially distant and sane

I spent two awesome years working remotely while traveling around the world — it was basically the opposite of the quarantine lifestyle. However, some of the things I learned then have proven extra useful for my socially distant life. I learned how to work remotely without letting work bleed into every moment of my life, maintain and grow my friendships from far away, and stay fit in a small space.

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Outside world, I miss you already

Staying Sane While Working From Home

It’s really easy to lose your work life balance when you work in the same place you live. Through a massive amount of trial, error, and stress, here are some of the things that worked for…

Learn how to get flights from to Asia or Europe for less than $600RT and other great deals

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I’ve spent an unreal amount of time looking for flight deals, and here are my go to tools and tricks for most situations.

When you have a set destination and inflexible dates: Hipmunk

Hipmunk has the best user interface for finding flights with date constraints. It lets you select up to a 3 day window and shows all flights in a super convenient time centric layout.

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When you have a set destination and flexible dates: Google Flights

Google flights will show you the cheapest days to fly in one convenient calendar view. With just one search you can find incredibly cheap flights if you’re flexible. I found a ticket from Barcelona to Morocco for only $16 on google flights!

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When you’re looking for cheap flight inspiration: The Flight Deal

I check this site religiously, and it has definitely paid off. I’ve been able to get flights from NYC to Puerto Rico for $120RT, Dallas to Bangkok for $580RT, and other absolutely insane deals. If you’re flexible on where you want to go, this is the site for you. …

Some of the people I know spend as little as $300/month, but here’s a breakdown of my less thrifty finances.

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My First Apartment in Chiang Mai

About a year ago I left my job to dedicate more time to learning more about programming, work on my passion project (BuoyUp), and travel! If you want to know more about my decision, see my post on Leaving (my engineering job), Launching (my own startup), Departing (the country).

This post is for all those aspiring nomads, to give you a sense of what’s possible in Chiang Mai, a major hub for remote workers. …



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