#2 & 4 / Blur

Here are 2 blooming flowers in focus. I shoot this picture in Berkeley’s campus. Agapanthus africanus can be seen frequently in our campus. Magical love is its meaning.


I saw shadow in the entrance of OMCA in afternoon. The strong sun lit from one side made the beautiful shadow.

#A love story

In union square, a young boy asked me to take a photo with this Big Heart. He said he would send this photo to his girlfriend who is on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

#A hat

Every one wears a hat in this photo in busy union square. They hide their true personalities in this complicated city.

#Something old

Old trees can be seen almost everywhere in Berkeley. They are tall and strong. They shake off their bark to the ground, which is the track of the long old days.

#Bear part/ Texture

Moss grew on old trees. The texture is remarkable under the sunshine in 11 AM.

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