Critique of a visual story by NYtimes in 2016

In 2016, something unusual happened between China and the Philippines. This piece is about the territorial problem between China and the Philippines. I was totally shocked by the title at my first sight because my country were involved in this accident. It do attract me to some extent by using some words like intercepted and real field work pictures. what is more, this news has caused outrage in China at the same time with critics claiming there is too much offensive and nonsense arguments held by the Philippines.

The usage of a slide, real-time photos and audio files leads the whole process of when, why, where, how and what has happened at that time, which is clear and straightforward. The report is neither too long nor too short. People would have enough patience to read through it. Now, with addition of sound, moving pictures becomes a highlight in this multimedia piece. The writer asked a question about why the boats have been intercepted by China without giving an answer through the whole report on the first page, which could arouse readers’ interests.

However, I think the title is not so proper here because it shows a strong bias. The first person view of “our boat” is built on the stand of the Philippines, which turns Philippines into a victim and turns China into a role like pirate. Similar situations happened to China, either. In Scarborough shoal, Chinese boats have been intercepted by Philippines for many times. Both of the two sides are holding different opinions about the territorial problems.

What's interesting is that in China we also had a tough debate on this problem. In NY times, people gave various opinions in comments section and some of them are quit objective and fair-minded. While in China’s main media platforms especially in Sina microblog (a website like Twitter) netizens condemned America and the Philippines heavily. Even some of them used VPN to overcome the filter firewall in China and left blames on Twitter and Facebook. They also have lauched some boycotts to Philippines like not buying mangoes from the Philippines and not touring the Philippines as well.

Journalists should do more research in every news report to keep it being objective. As far as I am concerned, this piece of multimedia is too one-sided to become a piece of news report. China has claimed the sovereignty for many times through providing many historical evidences, but disagreements have emerged all the time. Some rational voice should be heard and some evidences shouldn’t be ignored by us on this issue.

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