What does breakfast mean to us?

“What does breakfast mean to us?”

Food is what gives us energy, and we need to rely on food for basic survival. Every morning we wake up and prepare ourselves for what is ahead of us. But do not forget what we need to do first, which is to make us a good meal to start the day.

As a student who is still in high school, my mom have to wake up every morning to cook my breakfast for me. I would love to make by myself but it is a school day so at the same time I am tired from the day before with homework and schoolwork. But there are some people who do not eat the important meal of the day. I feel it really depend on how person’s daily behavior is.

By finding out people’s habit on the important meal of the day, I have done some talking with my classmates. I will refer them by using M and K.

M does not often eat breakfast because he feels not hungry in the morning. But when he does eat breakfast, he will ask his mom to cook his meal for him. His favorite food in the morning is Omelet with ham and cheese. He tend to drink coffee in the morning because he wakes up early during weekday and weekend. But coffee needs to be hot and has creams in it.

K on the other hand is different from M. K is a rushing person, he eats breakfast everyday and sometime even go out with friends for breakfast on weekend. if he does not get to eat breakfast at home during weekday, he will get some at school cafeteria. His favorite food is Omelet, sausage, egg and cheese( before is American, now prefer Cheddar). He likes to make breakfast by himself but sometime if time is not enough, will ask mom to make it also.

But in their opinion, one of them follow the rule of breakfast is the biggest meal of the day and one of them doesn’t. To me, I need to eat breakfast due to the fact that my brain could not function well if I do not eat something in the morning and I also have gym glass in the morning.

Everyone have their own habit of doing things, we will prefer the thing we want to do and the thing we do not. Breakfast is same thing, so is best for us follow the way we want it to be.