What do you think of when you hear the word “loyalty”? In the hospitality industry — it’s easy to assume the first thing that pops into hoteliers minds when they hear this word is loyalty programs. Why? Because loyalty programs play a huge role in hotels and branding and ultimately allows guests’ to become part of the hotel brand “family”, while receiving a lot of great perks along the way!

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But loyalty doesn’t just end with free WiFi and room upgrades. New age guests aren’t looking for traditional loyalty perks like that anymore — they want different! Now, more than ever, hoteliers should be mindful of other ways loyalty comes into play, outside of typical program norms. For instance, integrating food and beverage into loyalty programs seems like a great way to increase activity and ensure guests feel like their participation is more meaningful. It also increases their chances of “winning” more rewards, thus, finding the overall loyalty program worth more than the common low-priced room rates that come along with it. …

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The conversation around technology in the hospitality industry has been one with many different perspectives. While it seems that more “traditional” hoteliers appreciate customer service and guest interaction that is more hands-on, face-to-face and feel it produces a greater success rate in terms of the bottom line, there also seems to be many hoteliers who feel that incorporating technology has made quite a difference to their customer service in a positive way that has created an altogether new and improved experience that both hotel staff and guests appreciate.

Minimize complaints

Even before hotels began utilizing advanced technology, guest complaints have always been an inevitable expectation for hoteliers. This expectation remains intact and, even with many upgrades, will outlive any innovative technology that comes along. It is likely that guests that are not too familiar with self-service technology or how to use it will complain about it. This is where balance comes into play and full awareness of the fact that guests appreciate having a choice becomes a key factor in regards to the guest experience. …

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When we think of hotels and traveling, it’s easy to immediately shift our thoughts towards ideas of catching flights to far away locations where we take our minds off of “reality” for a few days. But what about the “not-so-common” travelers who enjoy getting away without actually leaving the state — or even the city? This is what staycations are for. Staycations are becoming more popular, as people are turning weekends into mini-getaways where they explore the new and/or unvisited parts of their place of residence.

Believe it or not, there are a few reasons staycations might be more ideal compared to more common expeditions. According to the Travel Pulse article, Survey Finds One-Third of Americans Haven’t Vacationed in Over Two Years, contributor, Janeen Christoff presents findings from The Allianz Global Assistance 11th annual Vacation Confidence Index, which sheds light on a variety of reasons why many Americans have not traveled in over two years: “44 percent, do not travel because they don’t have the money. Only 14 percent who said they are not confident they will take a summer vacation because they cannot take time off work, and 12 percent of Americans not confident they will take a summer vacation report that they do not want to take the time off work.”



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