What do you think of when you hear the word “loyalty”? In the hospitality industry — it’s easy to assume the first thing that pops into hoteliers minds when they hear this word is loyalty programs. Why? Because loyalty programs play a huge role in hotels and branding and ultimately allows guests’ to become part of the hotel brand “family”, while receiving a lot of great perks along the way!

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But loyalty doesn’t just end with free WiFi and room upgrades. New age guests aren’t looking for traditional loyalty perks like that anymore — they want different! Now, more than ever, hoteliers should be mindful of other ways loyalty comes into play, outside of typical program norms. For instance, integrating food and beverage into loyalty programs seems like a great way to increase activity and ensure guests feel like their participation is more meaningful. It also increases their chances of “winning” more rewards, thus, finding the overall loyalty program worth more than the common low-priced room rates that come along with it.

According to the hotelbusiness.com article, ‘F&B: The Missing Piece in Your Hotel Loyalty Program’:

Incorporate F&B into your loyalty program, and you can create an opportunity for guests to engage and build loyalty with your brand when traveling — but also, more regularly, as they can drink and dine locally in their everyday life.

Here’s how leading hotel brands are incorporating F&B into their programs:

  • Earn points based on F&B spend
  • Redeem points at F&B outlets
  • Offer preferred seating options or availability
  • Provide discounts off food & beverage
  • Receive complimentary upgrades (glass of champagne/free dessert)
  • Offer exclusive access to culinary events and dining experiences
  • Incentivize locals to dine at their at-home hotel restaurants and receive points to use for future stays while traveling
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Image Source: Tradavo

As Architecture & Design and branding upgrades continue to be implemented in hotels in order to enhance the “lobby as a destination” experience, upgrading loyalty programs in a way that incorporates hotel restaurants and lobby retail stores is a great way to add to this experience. Not to mention, adding local/fresh grab-and-go items that appeal to guests in order to really set the hotel market apart from the gas station down the street. With these changes, hoteliers can expect an increase in the properties TrevPar since food and beverage purchases would potentially increase — especially when it comes to business travelers.

Current loyalty programs provide amazing incentives for frequent travelers. Why not take it a step further and add food and beverage-based perks that encourage hotel guests to dine-in and make more lobby retail store purchases (as opposed to making off-site purchases at a local convenience store) in order to increase their chances of greater rewards? Tradavo encourages hoteliers to think about — it just might be worth a try!

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