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Dear TIOnauts,

In our ongoing efforts to improve the crypto trading experience for our users, we are engaged in a campaign to raise the standards for the tokens listed on our exchange. This has been an iterative process with the management teams of the various projects to determine the best course of action and discuss various options.

While each token and project is unique, there are a few general standards that we have begun to enforce more vigorously. These include, but are not limited to, trading that looks inappropriate, management teams that are not reasonably responsive to basic inquiries and instances where a business or token is undergoing changes that make it no longer suitable for listing for any reason.

To be clear, we are making no statement on the validity or desirability of any token and no token being delisted is being accused of anything on this list or any other concerns. These are simply tokens where the project needs to no longer coincide with the services provided by for any of a myriad of reasons.

As a result, the following tokens has been selected for delisting in this current round:


These two tokens will be completely delisted from our exchange on August 13th, 2019. Holders of these tokens are encouraged to withdraw them from the exchange as soon as reasonably possible; unless otherwise noted, withdrawals will be available for thirty (30) days following delisting.

The decision to delist KICK was taken after KICKICO announced their upcoming token swap. will not support the KICK token swap for logistical reasons and as a result, we will proceed with the delisting of the token. We wish KICKCO the best for their future.

As always, we at are continuously working to provide the best trading environment possible for our listed companies and trading users.


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