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Jun 12 · 3 min read

How can it be that it’s June already?! We’ve had an extremely busy year so far, and we’re not slowing down! Here’s all the latest…

A week in

  • As you probably know already, May was an extremely eventful month for us here at Our CEO, Bill Heyn, has — as usual — summed up everything perfectly in his monthly open-letter to you, our loyal users. Get the lowdown on everything and read the full letter on our Medium page.
  • We added another coin to the exchange this week. TRX is ready and waiting for you! Start trading now.

What’s coming up

As we said, we don’t believe in slowing down… We have a loooong list of things we’re working on and in the upcoming weeks, we plan to:

  • Ramp up our all new marketing campaigns. There’s a lot to be excited about here. Get ready to see everywhere!
  • Continue to squash bugs, work on UI/UX and improve the exchange’s operations, specifically:
  • Re-launching our automated OTC platform; – Adding a Request for Quote (“RFQ”) feature, as well as price streaming; – The launch of our re-designed, improved and generally super-duper AML/KYC process, making account approvals easier and more convenient for you (and your referrals!); – Adding to our fiat offerings, with new currencies and new PSPs. Watch this space!

Happy Birthday TIOmarkets!

Last week saw the sensational trading launch of our sister-company, TIOmarkets! …You may be able to gauge our ever-so-slight excitement.

We opened the doors following an exceptional 10,000 sign-ups on our website. We even received endorsement by a few celebrities, including bestselling author, Grant Cardone, and the cool-beverage inspired rappers — Ice-T and Snoop Dogg!

We also shared some behind-the-scenes photos of our celebrations. It was a super day!

Umm… Why are you still here?

Stories that we enjoyed

Ah, you’re still here because you want to see what we’ve been reading this week. Well, here you go…

  • Top South Korean utility to co-develop blockchain system for renewable energy certificates. Why is this cool? Okay, firstly it’s blockchain in the energy sector, which is a cool industry to penetrate; secondly, it’s renewable energy — i.e. blockchain saves the planet! There’s nothing cooler than that. Read More.
  • Blockchain for retail: Use cases and potential applications. Why is this cool? It’s a neat little report about blockchain penetration in a sector that affects us all on a daily basis. Is anyone else getting a whiff of mass-adoption? Find out more.
  • Game creator — Lucid Sight — bringing ‘Star Trek’ to the blockchain. Why is this cool? It’s Star Trek on the blockchain… Geek overload! Seriously, it’s a game creator partnering with a major TV network over a blockchain project involving a globally recognizable franchise — this is good news for the crypto industry at large. Read the full story.
  • That’s all we’ve got time for this week.
  • Catch you next time.

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