partners with China’s first open source, innovative blockchain solution ViewFin to help us develop disruptive blockchain solutions

We are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with ViewFin, the creator of Metaverse; China’s first public blockchain, based on the PoW consensus mechanism.

As part of this partnership, Metaverse’s token, ETP, will be listed on our crypto exchange as we begin adding more ICO client tokens in the upcoming few months. In addition, we aim to work closely with ViewFin to help list a number of Metaverse tokens on our exchange.

Why did we partner with ViewFin?

ViewFin has a strong investor network that will correlate in’s recently launched, highly attractive Angel Investor, Institutional and Seed & Venture Programs. Additionally, since its launch in 2014, ViewFin has built a wide network of partners, media outlets and event organizers. This substantial network will no doubt complement our already successful line-up of highly esteemed individuals, which will help to gain the required access to mainland China.

We will collaborate with Metaverse across a variety of sectors including trading, investment banking, compliance, and risk management, given ViewFin’s success in attracting and nurturing local and international talent, and facilitating innovation for sustainable growth.

How will the community benefit from Metaverse?

The collaboration of companies will expose to a number of Metaverse engineers who can provide technical assistance for the creation of digital assets, digital identities, built-in smart contracts, as well as the issuance of tokens on the Metaverse blockchain.

ViewFin will also create Metaverse Smart Tokens for our clients and facilitate the listing of such tokens on partner exchanges.

Both firms are on the path to ensuring their clients are fully educated about blockchain technology and its benefits on consumers. On this,’s Managing Director of Research & Business Development John Patrick Mullin, commented “We will work closely with them on educational meetups, events and conferences to create a strong community in Shanghai, Hong Kong and South East Asia in the near future.”

What do both companies say about the partnership?

Eric Gu, CEO of ViewFin commented,We are delighted to team up with, a leading blockchain firm with strong ties to the financial industry and a well-established community. Given our success in developing the Metaverse blockchain, I am confident that our team will do their best to support’s clients in implementing innovative and groundbreaking blockchain solutions.”

John Patrick Mullin, continued, “I first met the ViewFin team in Shanghai and was totally impressed by their dynamic and professional international team. This strategic partnership enables us to leverage ViewFin’s investment relations to support our early-stage projects.”

About Metaverse

ViewFin boasts a team of domestic and international specialists from diverse backgrounds including blockchain, finance, internet and consulting. Through their own blockchain, ViewFin aims to provide technical and advisory digital solutions using blockchain and smart contract technologies to a range of six portfolios, including finance, business, art, medical and social entrepreneurship.

Metaverse’s in-house team of analysts focus on developing blockchain-based cases for their clients and ensure a steady, efficient development of blockchain solutions for business related matters.

By Dalia Hilmi
Content & Acquisition Manager