We shoora global consultants are trade finance firm providing financial instruments such as lc’s , bg’s , sblc’s , performance bonds etc. we have been successfully providing these instruments to our clients across the globe since last 5 years. we have tie ups with various banks and financial institutions across the world.

One of our prime product is :
usance lc
usance lc with documents acceptance and release of original shipping documents to the client. This doesn't require any collateral. Lc is issued from a foreign bank / financial institution.

Through this product, we can provide the lc to your supplier. and once your supplier sends the documents to the issuing bank for acceptance, our bank will accept the documents and sends an acceptance message to your suppliers bank and they will release the original documents to you ( client ). where by you can unload the goods from the respective port and pay the lc amount at the end of usance period.

1. No collateral required
2. simple documentation
3. your capital need not to be blocked
4. you can sell the goods and then pay before the maturity / usance period
5. reasonable issuance costs

If You need more clarity and more other info , do contact us. we will be happy to assist you.

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