After a winning streak. Save. Spend. Share.

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

After a string of winning trades and seeing your account build higher, it is important to take some profits out.

Send it to your bank account, then…

Save it.

Just keep it in the bank. There will be a rainy day in trading.

It is an awesome feeling and will help you trade in a more relaxed carefree state if you know you have a pile of cash in the bank…safe away from the markets.

Spend it.

Take the dream trip to Europe or Asia.

Take the grandkids on a Disney Cruise.

Go to your favorit big sporting event. Super Bowl, World Series, Final Four. Masters.

Stay in an awesome hotel in your favorite City. Go to the best restaurant you can find.

Write a bucket list of things you want to do before you die. Start scratching those off as you make money.

Buy your wife something special. Buy the mid life crisis car. Remodel the kitchen. Buy the 4k HD TV.

Share it.

Give to you Church or favorite charity.

Buy your kids or grandkids some stocks for 10 years from now.

Help you parents or kids out.

The whole point of building your account is NOT to just have more digits on a screen.

Remember the three S’s.

Save it. Spend it. Share it.

Jeff Farley

Trade in the Zone